Kitsilano Home Owners – Pets? Kids? Smokers?

  • 8 years ago
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Kitsilano home owners like every other home owner ask the question, do I want to rent to tenants with pets, or kids or even smokers? Well, luckily we have the Residential Tenancy Act which states clearly you cannot discriminate against children. While most home owners prefer to rent to a professional couple with no children, pets and ones that are non-smokers, in the real world most tenants who rent properties have at least 2 out of three. Tenants who rent houses almost always have both children and pets. Many landlords want to rent out their properties pet free and smokers are generally not welcome. Vancouver property renters are prepared to pay the standard half month pet deposit for their beloved pets and dog walking is a common sight especially in the populated West End. The deposit gives the home owner some peace of mind their property will not be damaged by the pet. A simple call to the tenant’s previous landlord can bring peace of mind to the home owner in regards to the pet’s normal behaviour and the tenant’s responsibility towards the home. Vancouver Property Managers deal with this issue on a daily basis.In a tight rental market you don’t want to limit possible tenants, but instead need to open it up to as many people as possible. When it comes to renting out the home AFTER housing pets, children and smokers, you should budget for fixing damages. Painting and flooring repair will usually be the minimum you can expect to undertake, to varying degrees regarding expected damages. For me, it doesn’t seem like a home without kids and pets but smokers outside only please.

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