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Vancouver home owners know how important it is to find the perfect AAA tenant for their perfect home and one of the first major decisions is to realize different goals equal different tenants.

Your first decision will be to outline your expectations and objectives for your property, in order to identify your ideal tenant.

Ask yourself, what are your plans for the home? What will be your level of involvement and do you have the time it takes to fully manage your rental property yourself?


Do you want a short term or a long term tenant, keeping in mind short term tenants can be very transient. Do you want to rent your property unfurnished or furnished? You will be able to ask for a larger rent if it is furnished but furnished brings more things to consider. Is there a possible sale of the home in the future and this is just the beginning. As a general rule, Vancouver home renters often feel more comfortable dealing with an experienced Property Management company than dealing with the actual home owners. Once the home owners realize how much work is involved with the day to day managing of their Vancouver rented properties they will often contract the best Property Management team to suit their specific needs.

As we say here at Orca Realty, “let us do the work for you by managing your properties and find your AAA tenant”.

Living In The Heart Of Vancouver

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Living In The Heart Of Vancouver

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