Vancouver Homes To Rent – Wear a watch!!

  • 7 years ago
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Vancouver homes to rent seem to get more attention than most locations because the competition for the properties is high and why not? The area is fantastic and the schools rate among the best in the Province and really, could you ask for a better place to raise your family. So, when you call to view the home of your dreams, please show up on time. Showing homes to potential tenants is a full time job and is taken very seriously by the viewing agents. Often, the viewings are scheduled 15-20 minutes apart and if one party shows up 10 minutes late, then it affects the entire schedule of every other tenant. Everybody is busy and time is critical to all of us but it is considerate to all parties concerned to make sure you show up on time. Vancouver Property Managers take considerable time and energy to schedule their day to try and accommodate everyone’s busy lifestyle but it is a two way street and it is important to remember if you book a 2pm time to come and see a property that does not mean 2:30 or 2:45 is appropriate to show up because your yoga class ran late. Try and book a reservation in a restaurant and come 20 or 30 minutes late, guaranteed there will be no table waiting for you. Vancouver home owners want to find the best tenants for their homes and people who value other people’s time as important as their own are a great start to that accomplishment.

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