West Van houses for rent – staging your home

  • 8 years ago
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There’s many West Van houses for rent out there, so how can you make yours stand out from the others? Staging. People need to see your home at its best, if you want to attract the best tenants. Everything from a fresh coat of paint, to changing inexpensive but dated fixtures and furnishings, can make a major difference in renting it quickly.  Staging your West Vancouver rental home helps to give people a feel of what living in the property would look like. It gives them a better idea of the space which is available, and allows them to imagine themselves living there.
When staging a home you want to enhance the best features in the home, while downplaying the drawbacks. You may want to consider hiring a professional, who understands home staging and have them handle this situation for you. One of the local West Vancouver property management companies can refer you to a respected industry professional.
You’ll also want to stage the outside of your home so it looks attractive to those who may be driving buy. Having attractive gardens, uncluttered yards and a clean driveway will go a long way to bringing in potential renters, as well as impressing those who come to the home through an advertisement.

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