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House inspections are very important since this is the biggest investment a family has.

Before purchasing a home as a rental property, be smart and have it fully inspected. Inspecting all parts of the house in detail to check all conditions, including furnace, fireplaces, air ducts, appliances, gutters etc etc… As a tenant, when looking to rent a house, tenants always look to make sure all these areas have been addressed. If the fireplaces do not work or the furnace has not been serviced it gives them a red flag of concern.

Inspectors will look for the following:

Appliances – The home inspector will check all the kitchen appliances and make sure they are not only working but working in a safe manner. You can replace worn out and dated appliances relatively inexpensively to avoid costly repairs to an old appliance.
Electrical – It is important to know what kind of wiring your home has, especially for insurance purposes and make sure everything is tested for safety purposes. The inspector will also check all your electrical panels as well.
Hot water heater/ AC-  It is important to have all your hot water heaters checked for damage. These heaters need to be replaced after a certain period. The last thing you want to deal with is a faulty hot water heater. Also, if the property has an air conditioning system, you want to have this inspected as well. They will also be looking at the insulation of the house and see if it is up to safety code.
Bathrooms/Sinks– If the home you are purchasing is older, you need to check all toilets, showers, faucets, ventilation and pipes to determine if they are all in good shape and good working order.The inspector will sometimes check kitchen appliances that come with the home to make sure they work, but these are not always part of the inspection. Be sure to ask the inspector which appliances are not included so that you can check them yourself.
Dryers- One thing that should be checked is the vent in the dryer to make sure the ventilation is up to code.
Exterior – The inspector will also check the entire exterior for safety issues including the garage.

Proper inspection of the house will save you money in the long run and put your mind at ease you have purchased the right property.

It is actually best to hire certified and professional home inspectors before buying a house or when looking for a home to rent, it is a wise decision as you may not be able to see some issues that are not obvious to your eyes. These people have all the knowledge needed to guarantee you are buying a safe property.

A certified, skilled and professional home inspector will be a big help when deciding to buy your dream house.

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