British Property Rental Homes – Toto we’re not in Kansas anymore

  • 8 years ago
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British Property rental homes have stunning unique properties with fantastic water views and unparalleled architectural structures. We just signed another fabulous home to the Orca Realty family and are very proud to show this sparkling gem. With lush landscaped gardens surrounding the front entrance to provide complete privacy for pool lovers this enviable home stands alone. The big open contemporary concept is perfect for someone who loves the opportunity to let their design talents go wild. Anyone who loves to cook will appreciate the spacious gourmet kitchen which houses top of the line appliances amid the large kitchen fireplace and huge windows overlooking the gardens and pool and endless counter space. The master bedroom is a visual  unit all to itself and a perfect escape to lounge in the massive soaker tub and read a good book. As West Vancouver Property Managers we have the privilege of viewing some spectacular homes and this one is very special. Just off the huge outside deck sits a large spacious hot tub planted close to the outdoor fireplace. That’s right, imagine sitting in your private hot tub sipping a glass of red wine in front of a roaring fire. Home renters everywhere can appreciate the individual style of the exclusive British Properties. Yet nature is everywhere, with the rich forests and ocean views this perfect little piece of heaven can be home.

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