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  • 11 years ago

Burnaby property management is often preferred over renting out a home by oneself because nobody likes confrontation. When a client moves into their clean, shiny new Capitol Hill rental house they are happy and excited about the fresh start, the great view and the prospects of a new beginning. When they move out, they simply have getting their damage deposit back on their mind, and there’s no possible way on gods green earth that any damages incurred is beyond the usual wear and tear. Here is where many Burnaby rental home owners lose their shirts. They may have skimped and saved a few bucks over hiring a qualified property manager (even though they probably rented the home for less money then an expert could have gotten.) During the move out inspection they dropped the ball without even realizing that the tenant has cause $2000 worth of damages to their lovely Metrotown furnished apartment and  now they have no recourse to get the money back.

Document EVERYTHING! The clearer your explanation of what wear and tear is on the move-in, the smoother the move out will go. Take many pictures of absolutely every nick and scratch and tell them that any additional holes in the walls where applicable will require polyfil and paint when they move out… video the home as well and upload everything to a secure location and bring your laptop or tablet to the move out  inspection so you can show them exactly how the home looked before they moved in. Click here to download a PDF copy of the Residential Tenancy Act so you know your rights and responsibilities.

Always remember that both parties have to come to a mutual agreement when it comes to the move out inspection and any landlord / tenant disputes must be dealt with by going to arbitration. The few dollars that you save by doing it on your own can usually be recouped by a higher rental fee charged and ongoing savings like maximizing your fair return on the move out when its warranted. When you think of Burnaby property management, think of Orca Realty.

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