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Simply paying your rent on time does not mean you are a good tenant, you must be committed to taking care of the property, as if it is your own.
There are several things to consider when you are about to rent a home.
Employment reference checks, landlord reference checks and credit history checks are conducted by the owner or the Property Manager looking after the home, to make certain you are a good candidate for the property.
How can you be a good tenant and keep your good reference intact?
For you and for your landlord or your Property Manager to facilitate a good relationship while renting the property, simply follow the terms and/or conditions agreed upon when you signed the lease.
Follow the terms outlined:
It is a common argument between tenants and landlords when specified terms and regulations are not adhered to. Make sure you fully read, agree with and understand the terms and conditions on your legal contract. If you have any questions make sure you ask; you can always call the Property Manager or the landlord ahead of time regarding your issues. An open communication between you and the landlord will have a positive outcome during your entire stay.

Take care of the property as if it is your own home. If you are renting a property and have pets or children living with you, be conscious of possible damage they can cause. It is your responsibility as the tenant to take care of the facilities including repairing all damage and broken amenities inside and outside the property in a timely manner.

Pay your rent on time. On the contract, there will be due dates and damage deposits indicated that you should always pay on time, either paying on or before the said due dates. A good tenant sometimes is measured simply by how timely she/he pays their rent.

NEVER make a landlord or Property Manager chase you down for the rent or you will destroy your good standing reference as a tenant and this will follow you around for years.
Keep your home clean, maintained and organized all the time.

Your home is a reflection of you!
Be friendly to your neighbors. A good tenant should be friendly, show respect and be kind to their neighbors, consider them as an extension of your family.

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