Hey West Vancouver – Do You Have A Bucket List?

  • 9 years ago

After watching the movie “Bucket List” with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, it got me to thinking about all the things I wanted to do, before I take the big rocket ship onward and upwards. My problem was making the list realistic and attainable at the same time. Renting a property in West Vancouver is fabulous but to be completely honest, it limits my everyday adventurous spirit slightly, as living in Dundarave is on the “quiet side.”

So here goes with my Bucket List:
1. Skydive from an airplane to help overcome my unreasonable fear of heights. It’s an easy start to the list to put down on paper, but I have a feeling, if I actually put myself on the plane and was sitting inside wrapped in a parachute…..hmmmm…. there would be a lot of screaming involved.
2. Meet the Dali Lama. I just want to ask him how he maintains his constant kindness and spirituality in this crazy world we live in. If it’s in the water, send me some PLEASE.
3. Shave my head. I think the sense of freedom of just walking around and not caring what everyone else thinks would be an empowering moment and it would give me a chance to wear all the hats I buy but never wear.
4. Swim with sharks. After watching Jaws 1, 2, 3, and Jaws The Revenge, my deep seeded wariness of ocean swimming has accelerated whenever I swim in water where I cannot touch the bottom. So I figure, maybe if I swim with an actual shark it will help me to fight the white knuckle fear of what lies beneath. I know it sounds like I am a scaredy cat but really it’s just about sharks & heights. That’s it!
5. Visit Scotland. My grandfather was always the most imposing and beguiling figure in my childhood. I still remember his 6’6” frame standing tall in his clan’s tartan kilt and playing his family bagpipes he had brought all the way from Scotland to Hamilton. He was always like a magical person in my life and I want to stand on the shores of his homeland and watch the ocean waves hit the rocks and imagine him standing in the exact same spot looking at the exact same view as I do.
6. Win the Stanley Cup! I know this one is a long shot but I’m hopeful. It’s hard to be a Canucks fan but I’m not giving up and who knows maybe next year I can cross #6 off my list.
7. Learn to ride a motorcycle. This is a 2-fold bucket list wish, as once I learn how to ride my motorcycle I want to go to Ireland and rent one and ride it along the mountainside roads taking in the beautiful green landscape.
8. Run with the bulls. The San Fermines Festival takes place from July 7th to 14th and starts at the corral in Calle Santo Domingo at 8am. Two rockets are launched and BOOM the bulls are let out after the runners. This will definitely be the longest 3-4 minutes of my life I’m sure but what a rush!
9. Jump on a plane randomly. I would love to go to Vancouver airport and pick a random flight, jump on the plane and end up wherever it takes me. I plan to have the best time anywhere I end up!
10. Ride a camel. It seems like a great adventure; of course a long way down if you fall off, but worth the ride I’m sure.

Visit our Orca Realty Facebook account and let us know what’s on your Bucket List. Who knows, maybe I’ll steal one of your ideas and add it to my list.

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