How is your West Vancouver property manager like a pilot?

  • 8 years ago
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How is my West Vancouver property manager like a pilot you ask? It’s cold and raining in Vancouver so you decide to hop on a plane and leave your luxury West Vancouver rental house or downtown Vancouver furnished condo for rent a distant memory with visions of pina colada’s and surf and turf on your mind. The plane ascends, you eat peanuts and choose between bad beef or bad chicken, watch a movie, the plane lands and you enjoy your holiday. Sometimes there’s turbulence, sometimes there’s none. Once in a loooooong while something very scary happens like the landing gear won’t open, communication breakdowns with the tower or severe weather conditions. Similarly with your Vancouver rental property, conditions are usually calm and smooth with your tenant but once in a while there’s turbulence with your precious Vancouver rental home. What happens when your tenant won’t allow you into the home? I bet you’re happy that your West Vancouver property manager is looking over your British Properties rental house when your tenant decides to ‘lawyer up’ and break the lease? It’s sure nice that your Vancouver property management company is representing you when your Shaughnessy rental house is flooded and your cellphone battery has died and you can’t be reached. Much like when you think back to your experience with the pilot, they earn their keep dealing with the emergency 5% … not the smooth 95%…

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