‘Nux get eaten in Sharktank- West Vancouver rental home owners, maintain your fish tank!

  • 8 years ago
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We’re hoping that our West Vancouver property management clients,  Northshore rental home and downtown Vancouver furnished condo clients alike fair better than our beloved Canucks did tonight dealing with their fish tanks. Our beloved hockey team started well in the shark tank but unfortunately couldn’t keep it up and eventually ended up in the belly of the San Jose Sharks. Don’t let this happen to your dear fish!

There’s a huge variance in commitment levels when you choose to buy a fish as a pet. My son has gold fish in our backyard pond. We don’t even feed them but they keep on ticking just fine. Some of our Dundarave, British Properties and Shaughnessy luxury rental house owners have immaculate fish collections. Salt water tanks, puffer fish, tropical coral… Really breathtaking additions to their luxury rental homes.

Tip: insist on professional servicing of the fish for your luxury rental house if you have such a glamorous fish tank.

These are beautiful additions to any luxury rental house just make sure your tenants are VERY aware of what is expected regarding maintenance:

10 fish tank maintenance tips below;

1.        Buy Healthy Fish
2.       Practice Population Control
3.       Quarantine New Fish
4.       Acclimate New Fish
5.       Condition Water
6.       Regular Tank Maintenance
7.       Practice Precaution After Any Loss of Power
8.       Regulate Lighting
9.       Practice Safe Medicine
10.   Create a Feeding Schedule

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