Oh no! I think I have a nightmare tenant!

  • 4 years ago
Oh No! I Think I Have A Nightmare Tenant!

As an owner of your property this is your worst fear!!! You’ve rented out your home and you think that you have the perfect tenant and everything looks great but then BOOM…you realize that you have a nightmare tenant on your hands. This is why the screening process is so incredibly important and you want to be extremely thorough when interviewing potential tenants to avoid this situation in the first place. Unfortunately this happens and it can be very upsetting and frustrating for an owner…so what do you do?

First, what makes the tenant a nightmare? Maybe they call 10 or more times a day or in the middle of the night with numerous issues that come up…or have the neighbors or police called because of noise complaints? Did you drive by the property and notice that the grass isn’t cut and the gardening is not being maintained even though it’s included in their lease? Are there multiple people living at the property all of a sudden that aren’t included on the lease or worse have the tenants just not paid rent? The list can go on and on but whatever the reason…dealing with a nightmare tenant is never easy and you want to make sure that you handle it in the best way possible.

As an owner you have to always treat your rental property as a business. Be professional, stay calm and try to deal with the tenant in a rational and professional manner. Always try to get all correspondence in writing, document everything and keep detailed notes when dealing with the tenants. If you aren’t familiar with the law make sure that you know someone who is or if it becomes too much remember that you can always hire a property management company to take over. 

If this is what you decide, it is best to research different management companies to make sure that you choose the right one for you. A professional property manager will know the law and legalities when it comes to the tenancy agreement and tenant’s and owner’s rights. When dealing with a difficult tenant your worst case scenario is that you may have to start the eviction process. If this becomes the case you will want to make sure that you have the proper documentation in place because you cannot remove a tenant just because there is a conflict or because you simply just don’t get along. There has to be evidence that they have not kept up their side of the lease agreement. Handle the situation as professionally as possible, document any issues that come up or hire a professional and you will be back to enjoying your home rental relationship in no time!

Oh No! I Think I Have A Nightmare Tenant!

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