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Some people purchase a property and then can’t decide whether to rent it out or not. It’s a very complicated decision and one that takes time and thought. It’s always best to check out all your options and talk to a company who specializes in this. If you decide to seek some expert West Vancouver Property Management advice on what to do with your North Shore rental property, check us out here at Orca Realty. We are primarily based in West and North Vancouver but have opened an office in Vancouver and now have several downtown and Westside properties as well.

Once you make a decision on whether to rent your property, pick up the phone and give us a call.

With all the choices you will be faced with, it’s nice to have a professional to help deal with all the questions you have.

Some of your concerns may be:

How does your financial situation factor into the decision?
Do you possess the patience to take on the responsibilities of being a full time landlord?
How will the applicable taxes affect your decision?
Remember it is hard to leave and go travelling when you are a landlord.
What is the selling market like at this point in time?
Be prepared for some wear and tear to your property.

Reasons to hire a Property Manager:

The screening process for quality tenants is very thorough
The daily problems that occur with renters can get frustrating
You are assured the tenants rent will paid on time or action will be taken
Inspections done by the Property Management company catch any potential legal issues

So if you have a property you wish to rent out give us a call and come by for a coffee. We’d love to let you know all your options!






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