Parent/Adult Child Relationship – How To Make It Work

  • 9 years ago

Parents! That is one single word that can evoke the strongest reactions from people whether positive or negative. Any relationship can be challenging, but the parent/adult child is the most complicated and most discussed relationship of all. It’s a lifetime conversation that goes on and on, so is there a way to make it better?

Click on this link that discusses a study done on this very subject and you will see exactly what I’m talking about.

How do we get along with our parents to make life a simpler and happier place?

• Don’t bring previous disagreements up time and time again; leave the past where it belongs and move on. Forgiveness is a complicated word that needs both sides on board. Be the adult you have grown into, not the child you were. This is a major mistake many people make, reverting back to that little boy or girl from your childhood. Like any other relationship, the parent/adult child relationship has to mature and change through time to grow and evolve.
• There comes a time in your life, hopefully, that you will think of your parents as friends. They can be confidants and a great help to you for emotional support in your life when you most need it. It’s fun to just hang out with them and they will love it as well. Try taking them out to a “Canucks game or a Whitecaps game” or a simple lunch or dinner; you will be surprised how much enjoyment you will have with no emotional baggage attached. Also, getting to know your parents as people can be an enlightening experience.

>>>>>>>>Guess what? They actually had a life before you came along<<<<<<<<<

……Spend time as simple friends, who knows what it could lead to…….

• Respect..respect..respect! This comes with point 2, if you treat your parents like friends, respect comes naturally. Respect and patience go a long way in any relationship and this is one of your most important relationships you will have. Not to mention, you will be a great example for your own children; how you relate to your parents directly impacts your children’s relationship with you. Believe me, they notice how you are with your own mom and dad.
• Just be nice! Treat your parents with as much kindness as you do anyone else in your life. Kindness goes a long way to nurturing and developing strong long lasting relationships. It’s easy to forget your parents are people with dreams and hopes of their own. Sometimes, we take them for granted and think oh “it’s just mom and dad” but before you open your mouth to criticize or complain, take a deep breath and try being nice. A simple hug can be the start of a warm interaction.

As West Vancouver Property Managers, we deal with families everyday and see all kinds of different relationships in our day-to-day dealings. Nothing brings a smile faster than seeing a close family find the perfect home. Finding a North Shore home to rent can be challenging, so keep the lines of communication open between all the generations in your family and make your search fun and a time to remember. Making great memories feels wonderful, enjoy every minute you spend together. We only go around once, let’s make it a happy one. Share a story of a great day spent with one or both of your parents that has helped to make your relationship better. We’d love to hear from you and so would our readers.

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Parent/Adult Child Relationship - How To Make It Work

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