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Renting a Vancouver property can be a very exciting, yet overwhelming process. When searching for a house to rent, you generally already have a specific idea of what you are looking to find in a home. There are several key things to consider during this process when deciding which home is perfect for you. Of course, each person and family will be searching for different characteristics and features in a home based upon what will meet their specific needs. Things such as the number of bedrooms, cost of rent, location, is the property pet friendly, size of backyard, etc. are all common things that we take look for when deciding what home to rent. With that being said, finding the perfect home that works for you isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Vancouver is a metropolitan city, so there are far more rental options available when comparing the size of our city to a smaller area like Maple Ridge or Mission. With Vancouver having so many diverse areas with such a vast difference in price range based upon where each location is, you must determine what it is that you are going to be paying for and how much you want to invest in rent. For example, a 2 bedroom suite could easily be the same price as renting an entire house in an outside area like Surrey.

Would you prefer to pay for an older building in Kitsilano for it’s location, or would you rather rent a brand new suite in East Vancouver for the same cost? Also consider, do you need to be central to a specific area, or are you willing to commute or take public transit? Maybe you require being close to your children’s school? Rental decision making can be stressful but it is important to find a place that is going to fit your everyday needs to make your life easier at the end of the day.

There are many, many different types of homes in Vancouver as far as architecture and style. For example, homes throughout West Vancouver tend to be larger and often have a very unique layout and design to them. With both Ambleside and Dundarave close by, living in West Vancouver is perfect when it comes to shopping, grocery stores and all the conveniences of everyday living. Both private and public schools on the North Shore have the highest ratings in the province and everybody wants their children to attend. But being able to catch a beautiful sunset every night, as most of the beautiful properties are on the water, is the best advantage to living in West or North Vancouver. Another benefit is the close proximity to Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal and the weekend getaway to Bowen Island.

If downtown Vancouver and urban living is more your lifestyle, there are several unique locations to consider, such as, trendy Gastown, pet friendly Coal Harbor, West End, Yaletown and Kitsilano. With having many condo buildings to choose from, finding a unit downtown is typically a fairly easy process. Renting a home in the city will always keep you on your toes with all of the activities and great night life available. Between being close to B.C. Place, Rogers arena, various sky train stations, shopping, Stanley Park and having a wide variety of restaurants and food outlets to choose from, living in the core of this picturesque city never leave time for a dull moment.

A great upside to renting a home further East of Vancouver, is you will notice that the prices of homes in this area are significantly cheaper compared to downtown or the West End. For example, you may find that a brand new two bedroom condo in Burnaby is half the price of a condo unit downtown that may be quite a bit older and have a lot less square footage. Again, this is where deciding how important location is to you, and if it is worth spending the extra money on become an issue. With the sky train stations that have been put up throughout Vancouver over the last few years, getting from one end of the city to the other has never been so fast and easy. With that being said, living further away from the city often isn’t an issue for the average person anymore with the transit systems that Vancouver has provided for its residents.

As a Vancouver Property Management company, Orca Realty manages properties throughout the GVA from East Vancouver, downtown Vancouver, West End, West Vancouver, North Vancouver and Kitsilano. We manage many different types of properties from penthouses, apartments, condos, townhouses, houses, of course, specializing in oceanfront luxury homes. With managing such a wide variety of different properties throughout Vancouver, we are constantly driving back and forth from property to property in our company smart cars that have been uniquely designed to look like Orca Whales right down to the dorsal fins atop the cars.
Keep your eyes peeled for our cool Orca cars.

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