West Vancouver Homes To Rent – Who can the tenant be?

  • 7 years ago
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West Vancouver homes to rent are often searched out for mystery tenants who prefer seclusion and anonymity over anything else. Of course, it is a requirement to have the beautiful pool and hot tub along with panoramic views but the deal is always off if the home is visible to the average Joe. So who needs all this privacy and secrecy? Most often it is the famous movie star trying to avoid the pesky paparazzi zoom lenses  or the high powered CEO of the billion dollar corporation in town for a short time frame. West Vancouver home owners get used to seeing their fabulous properties on the latest reality shows filmed here in Vancouver. Who wouldn’t want to rent these opulent residences with their wrap around iron gates to keep out those curious neighbours who just have to know, who is so important behind those closed blinds. As West Vancouver Property Managers, we deal with many high end homes and with our natural west coast beauty and easy going relaxed lifestyle, those suspicious, reclusive stars are becoming part of our everyday landscape. But as professionals we never tell who our “famous” clients may be. So don’t be surprised the next time you are jogging down the beach and you turn to your left and guess what movie star is jogging right beside you? Sssshhhh, we’ll never tell……

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