West Vancouver Rental Properties – Why a move in report?

  • 8 years ago
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West Vancouver rental properties and why the importance for a move in report . This report is crucial for both the renter and the owner to make certain both parties are clear on the condition of the property right from the beginning. The report should be as detailed as possible covering all the interior and exterior areas of the property. Taking lots of pictures should be mandatory to point out any problem areas so both the renter and the owner have clear evidence of any damages and how these damages will be handled. Northshore Property Managers always meet the tenant and do a thorough move in report during the daylight before the actual furniture arrives. If the property is rented furnished a complete inventory and condition of the furnishings must accompany the move in report. This report helps begin the tenant/landlord relationship on a positive, honest note and makes the move out easier and uncomplicated especially with the pictures as evidence and it is a good way to avoid unnecessary disputes over damage issues. Looking to rent a home in North Vancouver? No problem, start your search off with a reputable Property Management company that specializes in the best way to nurture a positive tenant relationship by following all the proper steps beginning with a professional move in report on day one.

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