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There are so many reasons why you should adopt a rescue pet in your home. Visiting your local SPCA and adopting a pet will not only save their life but you are giving a pet another chance to live and to be loved. All over the world, overwhelming numbers of animals are simply abandoned in the streets with no thought as to how they will survive or live in the cold weather. They can become prey to larger animals, starvation, abuse at the hands of cruel humans or even worse…death.  This is really heartbreaking especially for pet lovers.

True pet lovers, consider their pets part of the family and treat their pet accordingly. If you provide them love, care and security your family pet will definitely give it back to you. Shelter pets bring such joy to families and you will feel so wonderful knowing you are providing them a loving environment to thrive in.

Visit your local shelter and see for yourself how many needy animals are alone without a family. If you are unable to adopt a pet try volunteering as another way to show you care about their welfare. Adopting a pet from your local shelter will also cost you less than a pet store. As a general rule, pets from shelters come trained and vaccinated before they are released; this will cut down on the expenses of the first vaccines required and training for your pets. Adopting a pet from a shelter will definitely be an advantage for you and for your new pet as well.

There are many, many things a family should consider before getting a pet. They requires unconditional love and care to demonstrate to them they are a part of your family but at the end of the day; your life will be so enriched taking in a homeless animal.

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