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As experienced Property Managers, we know the importance of taking the best professional pictures we can for every property we advertise. This is not an area you want to scrimp on to save money. The first introduction to your Vancouver rental property is your pictures, that your potential tenants will view. If they don’t like what they see, they will very quickly move on to the next property. With over 80% of all tenants using online resources to find their next home, you only have mere seconds to make a good first impression. It all starts with the photographs so make certain when you have the pictures taken, your home is spotless!!!! If you don’t like to clean yourself, hire some professionals to clean every room and window so your house sparkles!! Have your photographer shoot in the best light available. We always shoot on sunny days to utilize the natural sunlight (not at peak sunlight though) and often shoot at dusk to capture the perfect ambiance. Why dusk? This unique lighting has become more and more popular because of the mood it creates. It provides a contemporary aura around the property and tenants seem to really like the cosmopolitan feel of the dusk shot pictures. Exterior pictures are best done in the early morning.

Remember to stage your home. The better your home looks, the higher the quality of tenants you will attractand most important, it will also help maximize your rental rate.Don’t forget the landscaping; good AAA tenants expect to rent a home that looks as good outside as it does inside. You can hire a qualified landscaper for a very reasonable rate to keep the grounds neat and tidy.

Believe it or not, renters pay more attention to your photographs than the lengthy written descriptions you add. Provide images of every single room and where possible, do a quick walk through video as well. If you have any special features in your home, like a vintage chandelier or a stunning rock fireplace, take a close up shot of these and add them to the advertisement.Keep your shots clean and free of clutter; simple lines are much better. So, hopefully now you will have a better idea of the best way to project your prized property in the most effective selling way possible. “A picture is worth a thousand words!” A good picture even more. With the right photographer you should have no trouble getting the best rental revenue you can.

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