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Burnaby Rentals Property Management

Before calling your local Burnaby Property Management office for advice on rental home moving options, you need to ask yourself a series of questions. Your goal is to pin point the characteristics of the ideal Burnaby rental homes, that you will want to view and some personal criteria to help you narrow down the selection as much as possible.

Grab a paper and pen and start to answer the following:

1. Am I likely to buy a home in the near future?
2. How long am I likely to live in this rental home for?
3. Is staying in a particular school zone important?
4. How many bedrooms will the new home need to have?
5. How many square feet approximately do i need?
6. Am i looking for a similar home that I currently reside in or different?
7. Does it need to be pet friendly?
8. Do I need a yard?
9. Am i needing a furnished or unfurnished home?
10.What is my monthly budget?

There are several Burnaby houses for rent at this time and tri-city apartments available, so this will narrow your search and save you dozens of hours of wasted time.

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