Do not rent your West Vancouver luxury rental house to a man named Walter White

  • 8 years ago
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The TV show Breaking Bad is great. Having a meth lab in your Ambleside or Shaughnessy rental house is not. Over 10 million people tuned into to say goodbye to Walter and Jesse Sunday night as Breaking Bad aired their last program. It was a show about a chemistry teacher dying of cancer who turns to cooking meth and seems to revel in the lifestyle that follows.
As great a show as it was, you want to make sure that your screening process is tight so you never allow such a person into your Vancouver rental property. Signs that you have a meth laboratory on your hands?
– odours. Smells similar to cat urine or rotten eggs are prevalent
– night time traffic is heavy in and out of the home.
– blinds are always closed
– garbage is heavy with 2 litre bottles, duct tape and chemical bottles.
As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure so make sure that you call a reputable West Vancouver property management company to properly screen applicants so you don’t have to deal with this nightmare.
Orca Realty is always happy to offer such  property management services in West Vancouver,  Northshore and we help Vancouver rental property owners as well. We offer unfurnished or furnished Vancouver homes for rent and are considered the premier Northshore property management company.

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