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Weather is always unpredictable. We have a season for snow, rain, heat in the summer, spring and windy fall but our experienced weather forecasters can’t seem to predict the weather consistently accurate. Even if we are in the hot summer season, it may still rain or you may experience a thunder storm or two.
It can affect your days plans and eventually this will affect your mood.
During winter season, people are confined inside with indoor activities, sometimes you can’t go out for dinner or parties due to extreme bad weather. The psychological effect of the bad weather greatly affects our mood. If you have scheduled or planned to attend a special event but the weather turns bad and you are all dressed up and ready to go, then suddenly the weather gets worse and roads are dangerous or even worse, closed due to snow storms this can ruin your entire evening.
This will definitely affect your overall mood.
The same thing can happen in the summer, if the morning starts out with sunshine and you are ready for the beach and suddenly you see those dreaded dark clouds appear, there goes your plans. We all know that going to the beach or parks with all the fresh air, sundrenched weather and clear skies has great health benefits. It makes us relax, relieves stress and reduces depression. Not to mention, all the exercise you get with nature walks, bike riding and walking the seawall.

The sunny weather of summer seems to be the most favourite time of the year for most people who have been cooped up in the house all winter long and it is the best time of the year to experience all the great outdoor summer activities. Walking your dog in the park, attending ball games, biking, camping, barbecue parties and special events with families, friends and relatives. Hitting the beach, having bonfires and sitting around the camp fires are simple things we can do when there is terrible weather.

Green surroundings can improve our moods and lessen stress, walking is a great exercise to lower fats and cholesterol consumed during winter since we can’t go out for a walk or too lazy to exercise because it’s cold..
So, why not take the advantage of the pleasant weather to do all the things that we love while enjoying creating moments as well…….

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