Northshore and Vancouver rental house tenants, count your blessings!

  • 8 years ago
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Sometimes you don’t realize how good you have it. When you deal with luxury West Vancouver property management or tenants renting high end Westside Vancouver rental houses on a daily basis its easy to lose perspective how good tenants have it in Canada as compared to other countries. The Residential Tenancy Act by and large ensures that tenants of Vancouver rental homes and Vancouver furnished condos are protected against most wrongdoings that could possibly harm them.My wife is Japanese and recently pointed out that different rules govern the tenant /  landlord relationship is her native country of Japan. Take for example the use of something called “Reikin” (meaning the dreaded “Key Money” and written in Japanese as 礼金) Key Money is a throwback from the end of World War II where Tokyo was still in the rebuilding phase and living quarters were scarce. People then would pay “Reikin” as a separate gift to the owner for allowing the tenants to live in the owner’s apartment. Despite the fact that Tokyo has since rebuilt and there are many number of locations to live, “Key Money” still exists.

In this practice you basically give the owner money as a gift for the pleasure of living in their home. Try winning that arbitration hearing in Vancouver! While many of our wonderful owners are probably salivating at the idea of receiving a gift of thousands of dollars worth of money for simply renting their West Vancouver rental house or North Vancouver house for rent, unfortunately this practice is not allowed in Canada.  Until then we will simply have to enjoy the wonderful Japanese cuisine in Vancouver and our Northshore and Vancouver property management tenants will have to count their blessings that they fall under the jurisdiction of BC Law and Regulations

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