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Managing furnished apartments in Vancouver has subtle nuances that are different from managing long term unfurnished properties. The two most obvious differences are that you can expect a much higher rate of turnover with furnished Vancouver condos, people needing furniture are usually not sticking around for too long. Most furnished tenants have been transferred by their jobs, are visiting the city, are having renovations done or for whatever reason need both a place to live AND furniture to use.

Which brings us to the second major difference. You are now in the furniture leasing business! Potential tenants of your Vancouver furnished home for rent are judging both the merits of the area and condo + your furniture as well. Stick with contemporary, cost effective inventory because damage will occur and picking the properly styled furniture will make the difference between your home being vacant and having a steady stream of occupants. The nicer furniture at IKEA is an idea of what you should consider using. Its designed with good taste, modern looking and attractive to a wide spectrum of people. Filling your home with Persian rugs and floral patterned furniture may indeed cost a lot of money but many people will not like the older generational feel that it exudes. Stick with modern, simple and contemporary.

Ensure that your Vancouver property management company is taking a full inventory list of the furniture that you are renting out. Many a mix up has transpired over the years when a tenant moves out and then the owner is inquiring about, ‘Where is my bedside lamp or master bedroom mattress?” Partially furnished homes are the worst culprit of such conflicts because some of the furniture is the tenants, some the owners, and confusion often ensues. To avoid any conflicts or misunderstandings create a full list of every single piece of furniture that will be included in the rent and write down any wear and tear as well. Take a full array of pictures of all furniture as well, especially any current blemishes. Explain to tenants that they are expected to return the furniture in a similar condition.

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