Renting Your Home? – Include The Gardener!

  • 9 years ago

West Vancouver property owners have the harried decision of hiring a gardener or letting the tenant take care of the gardens and lawns themselves. Many tenants say they love gardening and they do have the best intentions to keep the property looking pristine but it can quickly become a full time job. After all, there are only 24 hours in a day and gardening, especially in the Spring and Summer months can take many, many hours in a week. We have seen nightmare results from leaving the gardening to the tenants. One tenant actually thought the old oak tree in the backyard blocked his view so he took it upon himself to have it cut down without permission. Another tenant decided he would remove the actual lawn and replace it with several small bushes. As you can imagine, this was not acceptable.

As North Shore Property Managers we always strongly suggest to home owners they should hire their own landscaper as part of the lease agreement to ensure their green lawns and gardens stay that way. Hiring an experienced gardener takes research and dedication. Start by referrals, because most people will be honest about someone who does a good job. Right along with referrals of course are reference checks to make sure you are hiring a reliable, trustworthy company so there will be no surprises. Always ask for an honest quote to make certain you and your landscaper are on the same page where money is concerned.

Check out your landscapers work on other homes and ask questions about everything. If you want to have your home maintain a lush green lawn and your prized flowers come back every year healthy and happy hire the perfect gardener that compliments your specific needs. Of course, money is always an issue when deciding whether to hire someone but you will be surprised how economical some gardening services are. The value to your house is astonishing if you decide to sell it. Potential buyers always look at the whole picture and the first thing they see is the outside yard. To begin the process, take a look at your yard, both front and back. Decide how YOU want it look before doing anything else. Do want to keep it simple and low maintenance or do you want to go crazy with colourful flowers and lots of bushes? Just make sure you have a clear vision for your gardener and you are both on the same page before they start.

As soon as Winter is over and you can smell the fresh smell of Spring in the air you will see everyone outside tending to their landscaping and gardens. Some gardeners make great suggestions as well, if you are coming up empty for your landscaping ideas and because they see so many grounds, they come with a variety of artistic ideas. Also check out all the gardening magazines that are available as they are a great source for ideas and the pictures really bring the look alive to you. A picture is worth a thousand words.

I have a small patio garden which I love and I spend hours on my flowers and plants not just because they make my space look beautiful, I like watching everything grow and blossom.But many renters have no interest in cutting the grass, pruning the bushes or the simple task of garden maintenance. This is where an assigned gardener as part of the rental lease becomes absolutely necessary to keep the overall home presentation at its best. A gardener can become your best friend so make sure to ask them for pictures of their work and see if any will suit your specific needs. The best relationships are based on open communication and clear directions. Also, if you hire a particular gardener to do the initial work, it is cheaper for them to maintain the grounds throughout the Spring and Summer and into the Fall. Be part of the decisions and keep a happy relationship between you and your landscaper. Looking for rental properties on the North Shore is all about location and lush green gardens and the spectacular views. I definitely do not have a green thumb but I can sure appreciate a well manicured lawn and so can the neighbours.

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Renting Your Home? - Include The Gardener!

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