Yaletown furnished apartment rentals – Calming the waters

  • 8 years ago
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Yaletown furnished apartment rentals can be a tricky market because competition is high among one and two bedroom units. What will differentiate your home versus others in this niche market? They are traditionally not that hard to rent if the Downtown Vancouver property management company that you use has an aggressive marketing strategy but when you find a AAA tenant who wants the home for a long term tenancy you hate to see them go elsewhere. Recently we had a client that was going through a pretty serious personal issue that basically caused the rental deal to collapse. They weren’t able to see the forest through the trees in this case because their personal lives was clouding all other business matters and in this case they were willing to say goodbye to a really great tenant. Leave it to one of our best Yaletown property managers to throw on their Superman cape and save the day!

This particular Yaletown rental condo was a little on the small side so we had to show it many times and as we inch closer to Christmas it gets harder and harder to secure a tenancy. The best advice to avoid a potential vacancy over the holiday season was to push through and see that the landlord understood the decision that they were making was detrimental to themselves. Humans are emotional creatures and our job is to always be the voice of reason through good times and bad. The right decision was to ensure that the owners Yaletown condo for rent became tenanted for a high return with a AAA good tenant and to live up to the property managers code of always keeping the owners best interest at heart.

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